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Melting glaciers risk freshwater for millions of people in third pole

The south Asian Himalayan region is also called the Earth's third pole spreading on more than 4.3 million square kilometres including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. This region has more snow and ice than anywhere in the world except north and south poles, so it is also called Third Pole. The climate change is the major concern in this region.

The Himalayan glaciers in this region is the immense source of freshwater for more than 221 million inhabitants and indirectly to more than a billion people, and more than 3 billion people are closely related to the food and energy that ultimately depend on the glaciers.

Glaciers store freshwater for decades and even centuries. They are the source of continuous flow of water in the rivers and ultimately the source of freshwater who are completely dependent on those rivers.

The Earth's temperature is in continuous increase for a long time but the rate of increase of global temperature is very rapid over the past century. It is nearly double only in 50 years according to NASA Earth Observatory. The rapid change in temperature is further increasing. The current rate of change of temperature is found to be extremely unusual.

As a result the Himalayan glaciers which are the storehouse of freshwater for a long time are in threat. The countries must take immediate action on the global increase in temperature. It seams that the countries are not serious enough for the possibility of disastrous events on the Earth's third pole.

The climate change has impacted the glaciers heavily. The scientists estimate that these glaciers will be 75% less in volume by 2100. The dust particles due to pollution on the ice surface help absorb more heat thereby helping the melting process even more rapidly.

Countries must take this seriously and raise funds on the study of these glaciers (their hearts) extensively and must come forward to solve these problems immediately rather than living in the black hole. Who does not treat the heart? The greenhouse emissions must come to a halt no matter how much sacrifice is needed. This is our world and if we do not treat it, then who does? What do you do with your products or developments if you can not save your planet?

The third pole area is the most affected due to climate change. The increase in temperature is higher in the Third Pole region than in the rest of the world. The warming is even higher in higher altitudes. By the end of the century the temperature of South Asia will increase by 1oC and in some areas it can even increase by 3.5 - 4oC.

Not just the Third pole but the Greenland is also melting rapidly. It's the concern of the world to come to solution. The global warming is the major concern for the Earth this time and we must be united against it.

The major source of energy of the whole world is fossile fuel and it is negatively impacting the atmosphere by producing greenhouse gases, which is trapping the heat and making the Earth warmer and warmer. The other thermal pollution caused by the heat engines seems to be unavoidable due to the second law of thermodynamics but the major concern is the air pollution (greenhouse gas emission).

What can you do from your side for this problem? You can raise awareness, and enforce governments to take action on this immediately. If they can not solve this right now, at least they must be prepared to mitigate this problem now and start their actions. They know but they don't care. Some of them have taken some actions but that is not enough. From your individual side, you need to change your habits and create less pollution, create an environment friendly situation around you and increase awareness as well.